Everest H.S.S. is currently running in its glorious 32nd yeartoward imparting quality education to the students so as to enablethem to compete in the global market.

This school in even active in salving the student by providingthem the most conductive. environment for their all round development. There are many H.S.S. to study and many ways to learn, butEverest H.S.S. is different. We encourage the student not only tolearn, but also to develop as good civilized citizen. To acquire it, wehave a solid foundation of dedicated academicians. It is a centre forexcellence for providing best environment and support in whichstudents can learn and develop their full potential.

We would like to congratulate you on being an SLC graduate and welcome youto join Everest H.S.S. for quality education. At last, we would like to thank all concernedparents, well wishers, teachers and students.

-Hiralal Devkota